What Does an Aspiring Entrepreneur Look Like?

As a small business owner, I must admit that the last 18 months have been financially challenging. It is great to have that sense of normality sneak back in. I have a small design agency that supports aspiring entrepreneurs and let’s just face it, most people did not know they needed or even wanted to be an entrepreneur ( or even aspiring to be one) until COVID swept through in 2020. Now having multiple streams of income has become a new necessity.

What does an aspiring entrepreneur look like?

Let’s ask Google. Aspiring means directing one’s hopes or ambitions toward becoming a specified type of person. Now, let’s check out the definition of an entrepreneur. This is a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in the hope of profit. I had to giggle when reading the definition of entrepreneurship. It is probably a good idea to read that again. The keyword in this sentence is HOPE.

We all have a purpose in life. To be the best parent, teacher, pilot, president, gymnast, athlete, or artist. You get the picture, this list goes on and on. The truth is you don’t have to run a business to be an entrepreneur. When I started my journey towards entrepreneurship, I had an entirely different perspective. I just knew it was time for me to quit my job and go.

Today the I want to reiterate a very different reality. You can be BOTH. You can work full-time and make money doing something that you love. Especially if your full-time job doesn’t bring your great joy and simply pays the bills. You don’t have to quit your job and dive head 1st into this lifestyle honestly, you don’t have to do much outside of simply believing in your vision.

So to answer the question…

Are you prepared to take the position? Remember the keyword in Entrepreneurship. HOPE. This position is rooted in HOPE. Not only does it often require taking a leap of faith, but you may also be silently pushed into it. Be very aware of the random shift changes in your life. These are the moments when you have an opportunity to pivot. Pivoting is an action word, and it means just that. Taking action.

So ask yourself if you are ready. If your answer is yes, here is what you need to know. Being “ready” requires wanting more from life. It also means; being willing to stand alone, stepping outside of the “normal” trends, and being brave enough to ride your own wave. I am not a surfer, but I can imagine a space where everyone is enjoying their life riding the “safe waves”, and then there is the one lone wave chaser. Now, if you picture a professional surfer easily coasting and taming every wave, I think you’ve misunderstood this analogy.

Riding your own wave may look more like a fish on dry land or a toddler who has been gifted a Bentley. Super weird, right?!

Let’s start with the fish. It knows it doesn’t belong out of the water. But he pushed past his fear and landed outside of the safe zone. The place where no other fish would dare to leave the comfort of the sea. However, this fish, in particular, is curious about this new surrounding. Very soon, fear sets in and, he juggles the thought of going back where it is safe or to continue pressing forward. Sound familiar?

Then there is the toddler, who has no business behind the wheel of a car that expensive. Not to mention the risk involved with them just sitting in the Driver’s seat. Whew. It makes me anxious just thinking about all the things that could happen. Not to mention it’s a Bentley! Why would someone think it’s ok to give a child something so precious that they can’t even use?

Both of these scenarios are just too stressful.

The reality is simple. Riding your own wave gives you access to new experiences that “they” may not approve of. Questions like, where does she think she’s going? Or Who does he realize how crazy he looks right now?

Riding your own wave may require you to do something you are not ready for. It will mean stepping out on faith and believing that your purpose is something worth chasing. Surfing out there all alone with the great potential to bite it big, wave after wave, sounds scary, right? Honestly, it is. It will be super-tough at first, but over time you’ll adjust. After each wipeout, you’ll get back up. When they laugh at you, you’ll just gain more confidence. The more you start to trust in your gifts and abilities, the easier it will be to show up confidently.

Number one — See the big picture. Being able to visualize all the things that you want for your business is a key motivator. It may be the craziest and biggest idea, but write every aspect of it down. Because it will give you all of the clues that you need to make your way towards seeing that vision come to life.

Number two — Break down each of the steps. When you see the big vision you have to understand physically and mentally how you’re going to get there. And then come up with a plan. When you break down the steps it takes, you can see what is required of you. This will allow you to work out every route and plan for any setbacks.

Number three — Set realistic goals. Your life is busy and you have ten thousand things going on on top of your big idea. So be realistic. Don’t let disappointment and overwhelm distract you. Keep your eye on what is doable and creating more work and stress for yourself by overextending yourself.

Number four. Create an action plan. Creating an action plan means actually physically grabbing your calendar and putting tasks on the calendar. Keep in mind that by putting your task on your calendar, you have to be accountable. Commit to doing it that day to stay on target for achieving your goals.

Number Five — Do the work. It’s all up to you. If you wake up and procrastinate, then that is your choice. If you don’t do what is on your calendar, then your vision is inching further away. If you make room for your vision to grow in your everyday life, you will soon find yourself walking in the reality that is your vision.

Reach back into your memory and think about what you are passionate about. Think about what you want from life and start weighing your options. Do you have time to keep waiting for the time to be right? Or do you need to be pushed a little bit first? My advice to you is to do it now. Seek the unknown and brave the uncharted waters. If you are already an aspiring entrepreneur, remember why you started. Then remind yourself of all of the people who need your services or products. You don’t want to quit now, do you?

Even though 2020 changed life as we knew it, you still have time to prepare for the more that you want in your life. Don’t be discouraged. Think about Dory in Finding Nemo. Just Keep Swimming! Even if you are out of your comfort zone.

Join me each week for a new episode and a new perspective on the Entrepreneur Lifestyle Podcast. Learn how to SHIFT those old thought processes and prepare for the PIVOT to create a major change for your future.

Entrepreneurship is more than a journey, it’s a lifestyle. It’s time to stop making excuses and BE THE CEO of YOUR LIFE! www.cre8tivevibes.com



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