Identify Your Gifts & Be the Solution to the Pain

Someone in the world right now needs you. They are struggling, and the missing component is you.

On Facebook, you can find ongoing inspiration for just about anything under the sun. You can follow business pages and join private and public groups. In these groups, you can share products, topics, and like-minded people. In these groups, you can meet so many new people and make connections safely without the pressure of public networking.

I have to admit that in the past, public networking was never my jam. After 2020, adjusting to this new normal, networking is much more fun. I have enjoyed meeting new people from all over the world while staying safe online. Virtual networking is the part of social media that I love.

Last week, I popped in a group for female entrepreneurs. I was reading a post from a member who shared a comment that her husband made. He commented that she was not good at anything, and she did not have any “special” talents. He also added that she should stop wasting her time.

As you can imagine, there was tons of feedback in the comments, and people went crazy. The support that women from all over the world offered to this young lady was phenomenal. I read through the comments, which were full of good and bad advice, but I kept consuming. I finally paused because I found myself thinking about how this had to have affected her mindset. Even more, I started to feel drawn to the power words have on people.

I could never imagine saying something like that to a person. Or have the audacity to diminish the dreams of anyone. As we say in the south, it is just downright hurtful. We also say a few other words, but I am sure you get the picture.

Unfortunately, there are a ton of people who may feel lost like the courageous woman in the Facebook group. People who simply want to love what they do and make a difference doing it.

Although it can be difficult to hone in and define what specific talent or niche you can be identified as an expert in. Lucky for all aspiring entrepreneurs, you don’t have to settle for just one. So keep digging until you uncover your sweet spot.

Time to take action!

Think about this. Perhaps there is something you know firsthand from experience how to overcome that someone else is struggling with right now. Have you thought about teaching your process? A simple option is sharing your knowledge by writing articles and blog posts. A simple solution to their pain could be an online course or a YouTube channel that shares insight and information. These two options are great platforms that provide a direct connection with anyone struggling with your specific problem. Another option is sharing your knowledge by writing articles and blog posts.

Before we dive into your action steps, I want to make sure your overall takeaway is clear.

They do not have direct access to you or your potential solutions/products/services yet. Just know this, you have something that someone needs.

A part of the 7-step formula for manifesting your dreams is understanding your Epiphany while tapping into your expertise. Are you ready to use your talents and skills in ways that are satisfying to you? Take a moment and be honest with yourself as you work through these quick tips.

Make a list of things that you do well and things that you enjoy doing. Now, this does not include things like binge-watching Netflix or going shopping. I want to dig deeper on this, but I also want you to think just baseline task or gifts or expertise that provides a solution to a problem.

Next, think about who in particular has that specific problem. Take time to understand this person. Know who they are. Where they live? Thinking about what they do for a living will help you determine why they need your product or your help, or your solution. When you take the time to understand your audience 100%, you will find your niche.

Start talking directly to their pain and sympathizing with them. It is also great hare your personal story and meets them where they are with your results and successes. You understand and can relate to them because you created a solution that works. With the experience that you personally had, people will trust what they see works.

Why do they need your help? Grab a sheet of paper and in 3 or fewer sentences, write your full answer for why you can specifically help them.

What do you wish you had? Switch positions and think back to when you dealt with this situation. Remember how you felt when you were in their shoes. Below question one, make a list of the changes or things you wish you had in place when it was happening to you.

What are their biggest struggles? On a fresh sheet of paper, lists all of the problems that your ideal client is struggling to overcome. Create your list in a row to the left side of the page. These items are the pain points. Once you have your list of pain points listed, use the space to the right to write all of the solutions. This side of the page is a direct reflection of how you plan to solve their pain. If this list starts to resemble your products/services or expertise that you provide, then you are right on track.

Starting a business is not for everyone.

Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone.


You do not have to quit your full-time job to start this process.

The goal is to understand how you can use your gifts, talents, and expertise to mold your purpose. Use this process to find out what you are passionate about, then working towards adjusting your mindset and learning to adapt to the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Procrastination ends when you take control of your thoughts and mind. Are you ready to create the outline for your vision? Manifesting your dreams is the act of speaking and writing your BIG IDEA to life. I’ve created a 7 step formula to help you do just that. It’s time to start living life on purpose.



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