5 Things Procrastinating Entrepreneurs are Thinking


Yep! I’m guilty too! We all struggle with procrastination. Maybe even more now as we try to regain some type of normalcy after a 12-month long pandemic. I’ve had lots of conversations over the past few weeks and found that procrastination was the top common problem.

My client focus is aspiring entrepreneurs which makes them a bit different than full-grown-already-been-through-hell-and-back- nothing-can-stop-me entrepreneurs. I think this is why this mindset shift is so very important. Changing your mindset from a corporate perspective or retail-driven outlook will require a 360-degree shift. When you are working for others all of the guidelines and responsibilities are prepared and packaged for you. As you transition into the Entrepreneur lifestyle you are responsible for creating the guidelines, core values, and daily routines for your business. With that being said, procrastination is not something you can do if you want to making through the beginning phases of building and branding your business.

In order to help other aspiring entrepreneurs keep the momentum and stay focused during this process, I figured we may need to address this bad habit head-on. It all starts with the mindset and understanding the power you have over what you think.

5 Things Procrastinating Entrepreneurs are Thinking:

  1. I wonder when my business idea will start making money?
  2. Why is it so hard for me? Everyone else is finding success.
  3. If only I had time to do ALL of the things AND start my business.
  4. I worked on my business all week and nothing happened.
  5. I’ll start next week because I feel overwhelmed just thinking about it.

Sound Familiar? If so, here are 5 Counter Thoughts that will help you change your thought process and create new habits and routines for your mindset.

Stop Procrastinating and Start Producing:

If you are wondering when will my business make money? Stop worrying about WHEN and start “Doing”. Start taking ONE NEW action weekly to create new habits and routines. Start setting goals each month then break the tasks down into bite-sized action items that will help you gain and maintain confidence during this process.

When doubt sinks in and you wonder why everyone else is successful except me. Stop comparing your journey with what “everyone” is doing. This is only prolonging your results and keeping you still. Keep moving forward. This is not a competition and there is plenty of money, clients, and success stories out there for everyone. Don’t get caught in the comparison game and start making a name for yourself and your business.

If only I had time to do all of the things AND start my business. You have the same 24 hours as all the millionaires in the world. You have to make time by creating a new schedule and sticking to it. Get organized and stop making excuses for your bad behavior. By choosing your future you choose to make sacrifices that will give you the time you need to work on what’s most important, building your business.

I worked on my business all week and nothing happened. Success doesn’t happen overnight. I hate to tell you, but if you are looking for a get rich scheme then entrepreneurship is NOT for you. It will take time and you will face tons of failures before your blood sweat and tears spark positive results.

I’ll do it tomorrow because I feel overwhelmed just thinking about it. Stop wasting your time thinking about what you don’t want to do and just do it. It’s great to plan and prepare. But a plan without action is nothing but words on paper. You won’t be able to run a business if you don’t start one.

On the flip side, here are 5 things that happen when you take action instead of procrastinating:

  1. You will develop a business that you love and it will begin to make you money.
  2. Opportunities will come quicker and you will become a leader in your industry.
  3. You’ll feel confident and find balance by prioritizing your day and staying focused.
  4. Consistency produces routines that will ultimately produce visible results.
  5. Doing a scary thing makes room for you to do and achieve more.

It’s easy to stay where it’s comfortable and daydream about “what if’s and someday when”. Taking action is uncomfortable. Sorry to break it to your friends, but change is not supposed to be fun. It is hard WORK. I know you don’t like the “W” word, so I’ve cre8ted a simple FUN way to help.

Sometimes it’s hard to understand where you are going if you keep reliving where you’ve been.

Time for some positive thinking. It is New day and right now is the best time to set some NEW goals.

This 7 Step Formula basically saved my life. If you read my book, Cre8ted to Win, you know how this list changed everything for me. I never knew how much control I had but this process has helped me maintain mental health and overcome worry and learn to face my fears.

The 7 Step Formula for Manifesting Your Dreams

1. Embrace your EPIPHANY

2. Manage the INSANITY

3. Breathe and EXHALE daily

4. Stay S.Y.N.C.E.D (Say YES)

5. RECOGNIZE how far you’ve come!

6. Never stop BELIEVING!

7. LIVE life on purpose!

By setting personal goals for your life you will eventually Cre8te the life you love! It's a humbling and future-changing experience. What do you want from the next phase of your life? You are in control and have the power to BE and DO great things.


Procrastination ends when you take control of your thoughts and mind. Are you ready to create the outline for your vision? Manifesting your dreams is the act of speaking and writing your BIG IDEA to life. I’ve created a 7 step formula to help you do just that. It’s time to start living life on purpose.



Bridgette Rooks | 50 Year Old Vlogger

At 50, while empty nesting & following my purpose I strive to minimize the chaos, overcome fears & find peace. Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle. Ready?!